Sitara is a luxury clothing boutique that will soon open its doors to the world. “Sitara,” meaning “star” in the ancient Sanskrit language, defines the true characteristics of what we are trying to achieve: a place that provides you, the clients, with unique items that set you apart from those around you. Just like the uniqueness of a star.

Within Sitara you will find a wedding boutique that will make dressing up for your wedding, whether as a bride or a groom, the most memorable and trendiest experience of all. We also specialize in coordinating outfits for your friends and family so that you may all celebrate the big day in style.

Sitara is your one-stop shop for all things exclusive. Each piece of clothing and accessory is uniquely designed to suit the varying, yet trendy taste of our clients. You will fall in love with everything from the soft fabrics and the elegant embroideries, to the edgy cuts, and the vibrant colors.

All in all, Sitara is a brand devoted to elegance and individuality. We are ready to begin our journey from New York and spread across all of the states, as well as different countries.