Satya Paul

InSatya Paul Picturedia’s first fashion brand, Satya Paul was established as an effort to reinvent the traditional sari as a modern classic. With exemplary design and a distinct take on print fabrications, the brand has created its own niche internationally, reflecting the tastes and aspirations of its wearer.

Satya Paul is known for its originality and quality of printed fabrics and garments. The inspirations for Satya Paul are from life, from the whole of this beautiful world. The designs originate from elements of movement and dynamism, from trees, birds, rain, music, paintings, sculpture and existence itself. They depict the many moods of the day, creating a new sophistication, a harmony, a refinement in the art of living.Playful colors and innovative fabrics enhance the beauty and elegance of the enterprising, sensitive and desiring woman of today.